Thursday, May 15, 2008

17 of 24 in 24 Hours

"17 of 24" Last Day on the Farm_____Click above to bid!

This one, the one before it and the one to come after it, were all started within 15 minutes of each other. I painted them FAST and furiously, because I could tell the sky was closing up for good over the moon for the night. I worked the area around the moon, then it changed, so I started the next one, then IT about 25 minutes the moon was covered and I took a few minutes to finish three paintings at once!...Still buzzing with adrenaline, and maybe a little bit of shrimp chile relleno, I persuaded my buddies, Lin~da and Teri to PAINT with I gave them a "Chicken Clinic"!!! You have to take a workshop from me to learn what a "Chicken Clinic" is...I will tell you this...It is a way I PROVE that ANYONE can be an oil painter!
***TRY IT in Amarillo! My friend, Denise Mahlke and I will teach a one day workshop ful of demos in Amarillo, at the Palo Duro Canyon NEXT WEEK (Friday, May 30)...E-mail me if you wnat to sign up, it's only $50 for two great "show-offs" demo-ing the SAME COMPOSITION in oils and pastels at the same time...should be fun !!!
***Between now and then, I will be at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show in Prescott, AZ...please come by and see my latest paintings!!! Sat, Sun and Mon (Memorial Day)at the Courthouse in Prescott, AZ. BOOTH 76

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Antony Bridge said...

love your work, awesome skies.