Thursday, May 15, 2008

15 out of 24 in 24 Hours

"15 of 24 Paintings in 24 Hours" My Last dy on the Farm____Bid on this one Monday

The moon is much higher compared to yesterday's painting, because we went and ate dinner at the great Ramos Restaurant, in Manor. If you live near Austin , Try Ramos' shrimp chile relleno!

My husband and my friend Lin~da like the fish son likes the chonchanga, whatever that is....back to the moon....note the heavy sky in this painting....I like the difference between this "Last Day 24 " paintings of the moon, compared to the "Winter Day 24" paintings of the moon. The entire color of the sky is different, even though the moon and time of night is the same!

***TODAY is the Artist Reception at the Rockport Center for the arts. I will be there from 4 - 7 pm, and give a talk at 4:30 and be there to answer questions, sign books and visit . But the STAR of the day is the 365 paintings of "Last Year on the farm". Please try to see the exhibit, which will be there until June 14.

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