Tuesday, May 27, 2008


"22 of 24 in 24 Hours_Last Day on the Farm"----Auction starts June 1
Please scroll back on the BLOG to see the previous 21....This was the beginning of the warm sun as the morning clouds lifted. I loved our FULL VIEWS of the skies on the farm...you could tell what the weather would do, ahead of time. Here a little rain shower skips by to the west. The clouds broke up and the day was HOT!
Speaking of HOT, it is NOT hot in Prescott. Of course I packed for warm weather and it never got above 62 all weekend. My WONDERFUL friend Sheila loaned me half her wardrobe and she and Hermon made us feel like family!!!...Hello to so many new friends I have made in Arizona. They say Texas is friendly, But Arizona might have us beat! ...The Phippen show was a good one for me this year....I cannot wait to go back...but now it's on to Sedona to paint all day tomorrow, then we go down the road to Amarillo for some painting in the Palo Duro with a great group of painters...then HOME!!!!!!! YAY!....I love America, and seeing all I can...Thank God for the USA and happy Memorial Day

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