Sunday, May 04, 2008


"Leonard"__________-11x14 oil on Linen__________Not for SALE
Leonard and Ella Fae and their family lived alongside ours on the farm. Leonard came to work for Pa LONG ago and stayed with him building the Gault Dairy Farm for 57 years, or so!
Saturday, Leonard died...a real shock to our family.
He was a tall, dignified man, with the largest, strongest hands I EVER saw. A TRUE Farmer...I loved that his birthday was the same day as my oldest son, Tanner.
I painted this one today, from a photo I took out the back window one day, while watching Leonard and Pa get some equipment out of the barns...He was sitting here, with his yellow gloves on, taking a breather before going to pick up more hay, I think....
Leonard was a godly man, and we are pretty sure he and Pa are discussing creation with the Lord right about now....

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