Thursday, May 15, 2008

13 of 24 in 24 hours : The Last Day

"13 of 24 in 24 hours : The Last Day"_____for sale on MONDAY..check BLOG for auction link
As I prepared to post this last night, some AWFUL weather happened, and I had to take the computer downstairs! ..
But this starts the moonlight paintings from my "Last Day on the Farm". After completing the one before (see yesterday's post), we waited and waited and waited...the moonrise was to be at 8 or so, I forgot the exact time. I painted the foreground, which was at the edge of the tank, where the cows drink. The sky was heavy and thick and once I got as far as I could, the moon still was not showing, so I figured the clouds were too thick! we went to drop stuff off at the Herzog's barn (where we had made camp for the night) and as soon as we pulled up THERE IT WAS! This big red moon on the rise! Because we were starving, and Ramos Restaurant in Manor was calling our name, I made mental notes and painted the moon (and reflection) after dinner!
***ROCKPORT, TX this weekend! I will be there to do a demo or two Saturday morning. Come watch! Or come paint with me and a few others at a little mini workshop! From 4-7 there's a nice Artist's Reception at the Art Center, and a "Gallery Talk" at 4:30...hope to see you there! e-mail me for info

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JMahorney said...

What a harmony. I love the sun shape and it'sedges too. I think this one and the one after it are wonderful. :)