Sunday, May 25, 2008


"21 of 24 in 24 Hours-Last Day on the Farm"__Auction Starts June 1

Welcome to the new friends I have looking in today!!!...I painted one last day on the farm, recently on April 20-21. Please look back on blog posts from the past couple of weeks as I have shared the paintings one at a time, giving a preview before I auction them off....starting June 1.This painting was about the time when the sky was lifting and the sun began to shine....My very last day to paint the farm was coming into its last hours and I started to get a little bit sad about it. The cows resumed their routine from the far pasture....OH, DID YOU KNOW that if you click on this picture, you cans see a bigger image???
Tomorrow is the last day of the Phippen Museum Western Art Show. I have had an amazing time here...THANKYOU to all my new friends and people I have had the great joy of sharing many laughs with!!!!! The quick-draw auctions today were a BLAST...The weather finally cleared up,...I got to meet and talks with some of the finest western artists in the country! It is Artist Heaven out here!

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