Friday, May 02, 2008

Seven of 24 paintings in 24 hours

"Graze-By" #7 of 24 in 24_____for sale on May 15
This looks like a solo cow, but she grazed nearby with 50 pals as I painted for 24 hours 2 weeks ago. I will post all 24 paintings from now on till they are done!
This was my fasest painting of the cows. I actually scribbled this one out in about 20 minutes and planned to go back to "finish" it after dark. When I went back, though, I LIKED IT "as is"...a lesson to ALL YOU PAINTERS out there....S T O P!! before over working a good thing....
Read earlier posts this week for other new news! But...
Here is the LATEST!
AUSTIN MONTHLY MAGAZINE is doing a little story (mostly PICTURES!) of this LAST 24 hours on the farm. It will feature all 24 paintings...The June issue comes out in mid-May.

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