Wednesday, May 28, 2008


"24 of 24 Paintings in 24 Hours - One Last day on the Farm" on #1 of 24 starts June 1...please scroll back on the BLOG to see all 24 and plan which one(s) you'd like to bid on. I expect a few to go for a really good price. If you all bid high, I'll get to buy another farm!!! haha
I finished this "Last Day" about a month ago, and if you have been following, I already posted this one, commenting about the fire that caused the burn in the background...the black is all gone, now, the new grass is in, and life goes on at the farm.
Many have asked what is happening at the land NOW, with us gone...Well, the developers who bought the farm from our family have put their big project on hold. They have leased the property to another farmer who is grazing these cows there, and keeping the hay cut and baled. No telling when development will come, but it will be inevitable. That will be an awful day for me, but it's in the future, and maybe I will have another piece of land to get attached to by then!
THANK YOU for walking through this with me! As I have mentioned, the LAST 24 paintings will be auctioned starting June 1. Watch here for a link each day to each painting. It should be fun. The winner will have the art shipped to them for the 365 paintings that started all this, they are still on display at the Rockport Center for the Arts until June 14. An IMPRESSIVE display! I will keep you posted on the latest as the show travels...Many of those paintings are STILL AVAILABLE...see them all, and the field notes at

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