Thursday, May 15, 2008

14 of 24 paintings in 24 Hours

'14 of 24 in 24" from my "Last Day on the Farm"______Auction on the 24 starts Monday!

Same Location as yesterday's post....same story as yesterday's post! But compare the paintings and see how different the "light" is after just a few minutes! I painted 6 moon paintings in this series, and each one is UNBELIEVEABLY unique!!! You'll see!

Monday I will start putting ebay links on the posts for the last 24 paintings, so that I can sell them! It will be an auction for each painting, with a new one added every day. You will have a week or so to bid on these, if you want one. I am expecting some to sell for CHEAP (because people will miss them) so keep your eyes peeled!

I am headed to Rockport today to paint with some friends and get a sneak preview of the "Last Year on the Farm " exhibit hanging at the Rockport Center for the Arts! Will I see you there, Saturday? If not PLEASE try to go while the show is up, now thru June 14. ...It's still not too late to plan to follow me around for a morning "en plein air" in Rockport. I will do demos and tach a little workshop...and I'll bring the Kolaches, Barbara!

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