Friday, May 23, 2008

19 of 24 in 24 hours

"19 of 24_Last Day on the Farm"....Auction starts June 1
After a few hours sleep in Britta and Glen Herzog's barn, I left Lin~da and Teri sleeping while I got up to try to catch the sunrise at the last time....It was April 21, Lin~da's BIRTHDAY! Only a loyal friend would sleep on a barn floor and keep her pal company for 24 hours straight! She and Teri are life-long BEST friends, and I am the lucky one who gets to be the third wheel!...I enjoyed the solitude that morning...too overcast for sunrise color, so I "zoomed in" on some distant trees...workshop note: if the light is bad and the contrasts are weak, zoom in on something that has interesting shape or forms...these are a couple of the trees I often painted in the distance below the pens, but I peinted them from a different angle, at all times of the day and all seasons.
I am in Prescott, AZ this weekend for the Phippen Museum Western art show....Please come see me in booth 76, by the gazebo!
****Last Year on the Farm news!...The exhibit is getting many visitors in Rockport! It will be there until June 14.
***Click here to read the American Artist Interview about the "Last Year..."
***Austin Monthly Magazine has a whole spread featuring all 24 of these LAST 24 in 24 hours in the June issue, on sale now. Please tell me if you see it! It wasn't on news stands when I left town, but it is now!

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