Friday, May 30, 2008

Cove Yellows

"Cove Yellows" ___6 x 8 oil on linen ___Click to bid
I do not often sell these daily paintings with auctions, but for the next few weeks, there will be an auction a day of my "Last 24 hours" on the farm. Each auction will last 7-10 days....And so today is a PRACTICE auction....let's see if I can do all the ebay details to make it easy...just click on the link and make a bid! Or click here If you see anything weird, please tell me!!!!
This painting above was my morning demo at the last workshop day in Rockport, TX. I teach there almost every month. We have ONE LONG DAY of plein air painting, and take on different challenges. But one thing stays the same: we ALWAYS greet the sun at Cove Harbor. It's a little bit south of town and ALWAYS gorgeous at sunrise. The next workshop day is June 21. It will likely be a hot saturday, and the plan is to do the famous rockport oak trees, but we have the Art Center to escape to, if the heat is too mean.

***Tomorrow will start the auction for the 24 paintings of my "Last DAY on the Farm"...this group of paintings is NOT traveling with my 365 paintings of "Last Year on the Farm", so I am selling them NOW, and keeping the project separate from "Last Year..."
Here is the link to the first farm auction...a preview just for my friends!

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