Sunday, March 01, 2009

Looking Forward_24x30

"Looking Forward" 24 x 30__Click to enlarge___Painted for Cowgirl Up! e-mail for
purchase info (it's a big one :)
Like yesterday, today's painting is a BIG ONE, created using a small plein air painting as reference. I am preparing large works for an important show in Arizona at the end of this month. Join me March 26 - 29 in Wickenburg, AZ for "Cowgirl Up!", a gathering of some great women artists in the west!...One thing that is REALLY GREAT about this big one below, is the AMAZING FRAME I have for it...if you are interested, let me know, and I will send you a picture.

In June (5-7) I will teach a workshop particularly geared to creating larger works from your plein air studies. It's called "Painting Fast...(and what to do with all those studies)". It's in the prettiest part of Texas at the best time of year. E-mail me for info

Saturday I will be in Rockport for a one day workshop. JOIN ME, if you can! Sunrise at 6:30 am! Other workshops below...

Mar. 7 ...Rockport, TX (1 day)
April 6 - 9 ...Granbury, TX (4 day - comprehensive, in-depth workshop in an elegant place, !!!)Apr. 18... Rockport, TX (1 day)
April 27 - 30... Gadsden, ALABAMA
May 30 ...Waxahachie, TX (1 day)
June 5-7... Fredericksburg, TX (Painting Fast - every day, and what to do with all those paintings!)
Fall New Orleans (with EATING in our off hours

"Looking Forward"__ A 6x8 plein air study, Last Year onthe Farm...see BIG ONE above


pleintexasgirl said...

Hey V! More details on the New Orleans trip when they solidify. I am so interested in (eating @) New Orleans. I have my son talked into taking a weekend creole cooking class over there for the real deal. I have enjoyed sharing your books I bought. We are visiting family @ Fort Hood this weekend in Killeen. I will paint out and post it for you you to critique. Saw the homework you forgot to give us (that was funny). Will work on that as well. have a good week! Kerrie

Patrice said...

Wonderful painting. The bovines are divine and I love your palette and the edgy composition.