Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bottom Land Study__4x12

"Bottom Land"___4x12 oil on linen panel____$150 when it dries
I just finished this little "sketch" idea I have had for a LARGE canvas...I think I will start the big one tomorrow....not sure if it will look like this when all is said and painted, but I like this's a version of our old farm bottom with a few extra bluebonnets. I think we only had one or two down there, but there were plenty of primrose and blue eyed grass....I already see what I will change for the big one! You artists be thinking about it! when you see my changes, please tell me if I did any of YOUR thoughts (don't we ALL have or own ideas about "making art better"? I am an impatient composer...usually I just dive into a painting and compose as I go. That's what I did on this little canvas, and now it gives me an idea for improvement! Stay tuned!!!

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