Saturday, September 25, 2010

Live Quickie_Cow Sketch

Live Quickie__Cow Sketch. pen on paper__5.5 x 8.5___$50

Of course my favorite thing is COLOR...I LOVE to paint...but there is a real thrill to sketching... I have done a lot of it, lately! (Have you seen my sketchbook that is for sale??? the whole thing??)

This cow was a QUICKIE, which I did in a workshop last summer, showing the class a thing or two! I think what I like best about sketching is that there really is no pressure...the materials are not expensive, so you can turn the page if something seems to be "off"... Also, it stirs a little bit of adrenaline when you capture something from life...I LIKE THAT adrenaline rush (...having been a competitive athlete in my college years!)...

Once competitive, ALWAYS competitive! When the kids were little I would involve them in little competitions to pass the time (especially if waiting in lines, at the bank, post office...appointments) We would throw little rocks at tiny targets, or pitch pennies against a wall, and I have been known to throw footballs with them in airports!...not too easy when the ceilings are low!...These days our family likes to bet on little things like "when the puppies will be born"..."how many"?...When my son and new daughter-in-law "will have a baby" (they don't know about this bet, yet, :)...oops... but, we have dates and genders!

Not sure what I will do when football is over! We have 5 games left in the high school season! Last night we played the Mavericks ( they like to run along the sideline with flags that say MAVS)...we won in FOUR overtimes......My daughter wondered what would happen if their flag people got mixed the way, my son, the quarterback is named

Sam Vaughan...
...that's him at the bottom


Candy Barr said...

What an exciting season for your son! Let's see some action football paintings/sketches V!!

Invisigirl said...

LOL sorry, I'm a bit younger than most of the other comenters on your blog :) I was at that football game, in fact I was on the opposing side, in the marching band. All us mavs hoped we would win..... BUT anyway, we have a print of the Texas map that you drew on our wall. Apparently, my mom was one of your friends in college! Hmm... it's a small world after all! *sings*