Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bahia Dusk

Bahia Dusk____6x8 oil study on linen panel______$190 for CHRISTmas!
This holy presidio looks especially sacred at night, when there are spotlights trained onto the facade. Before the sky got too dark we stayed and painted studies there a few weeks ago when I was there with artist friends Barbara, Caro and Susan....I didn't finish this one out thee, but made notes of color onto the canvas and just now got around to finishing it. It's good to do this, because once you are away from the visual "standard" of having the "model" right there before you, yu can BE A PAINTER, and complete it the way you FEEL....not trying to hold to the standard of "the truth" that your eyes see.
So there you have my lesson: Lower your standards, forget about "truth" and do what you FEEL. ....PLEASE only apply this to art, and do NOT raise your kids this way! hahaha
Merry CHRISTmas!

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