Monday, December 20, 2010

Bluebonnet Stream 1

Bluebonnet Stream 1____6x8 oil on linen___will be dry for Christmas! $250 includes shipping
Saturday I mentioned that I have spent a few days solving "bluebonnet problems". The problems I am working on involve the little bluebonnet flower...they are very detailed, but as an Impressionist, I try not to dabble in all the details, but rather I try to create the impression of the big batch of blue! Here is one of three of the same scene I painted. They are all real JUICY and full of color. click the blog image to see the thick paint! But the paint will be dry by CHRISTmas!...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Douglas Clark said...

Like the composition of this one. Are you still painting down at Rockport some? Doug