Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Conference___8x10 oil on linen panel____Christmas commission for K
I LOVED doing this one, because it is getting close to baseball season again....already!
I also like the scene, so typical of baseball !
I have not posted a lot lately, because I am working on many details of many projects! Some are art oriented, some are family!....ALL GOOD!
If you are an artist and want to come to a workshop next year, I have a few different ones to choose from that would make a GREAT CHRISTMAS gift to self! Think Texas Hill Country, in early springtime and late spring!
I have a very exciting painting excursion coming up next month. It's another leg of my project
PASSING AMERICA: THE GREAT PLAINS. This leg will take me through the northern-most tier of our American Great Plains in the deep winter-time under the full moon! Can you imagine?...I will be talking about it a lot....get ready!!


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Stephanie Berry said...

Nice one--love the body language.