Friday, January 14, 2011

Jan. 14 and Jan. 15

January 14, Last Year on the Farm__2007

January 15, Last Year on the Farm___2007

To look at these images quickly, they look like the EXACT SAME painting!
When I painted day after day for my exhibit of 365 works called "Last Year on the Farm" I "accidently" painted the same thing twice...almost exactly! On January 15, I picked up the small canvas and looked around for the BEST impression to paint that day on the farm! We were in a stretch of COLD weather and the days were drab. Since I chose this view (forgetting that I had chosen it the day before), I would conclude that THIS VIEW was the best view of our farm on a cold drab day! haha ...In those 365 paintings I OFTEN painted the same scene, but SELDOM the same COMPOSITION of that scene and NEVER on two consecutive days! ....But, actually, if you look hard, you will see differences, even in these two :) I should do a "Where's Waldo"-type contest to see who notices the differences!
The January 14 painting is part of an exhibit in Austin, hanging thru March at Hill Country Bible Church. They have a Balcony Gallery with rotating exhibits. My work is part of the 2020 Retrospective and includes works by David Rigney (Sculptor) and Kathy Miller (Mixed Media, metal and glass and....I like to tell her she works in "wood, hay and stubble" Bible readers will understand that one :) Go see the exhibit when you can. It is a beautiful combination of diverse works! Go on Sunday or Call Dee for the rest of the week (512) 577-3339
Today, was our funeral for our beloved Nana, the "Matriarch" of our farm. It was a JOYOUS service at Walnut Creek Baptist Church. The church was started by Pa's parents or grandparents over 150 years ago! It used to take all day to get to Austin (by horseback) from there, and now it is surrounded by Austin. It's a small congregation, a little bit off the beaten path, and has a small cemetery where many of our family "fathers and mothers" are buried . It is on a little hilltop with oak and cedar trees...and now, Nana is buried there, too....
Next week I am off to the NORTHERN GREAT PLAINS!....more on that, tomorrow...I have rambled too much already!

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