Monday, October 21, 2013

Yellow Horse Study

Yellow Horse Study__watercolor__available
I am catching my breath after a month of sadness.
THANK YOU, my friends for your continuing "hello, how are you" notes.
One thing I realized through losing my mom and then a brother-in-law, and then ONE MORE setback, is that it HELPS to spend some of the grief-time doing something that is enjoyable. For me that meant long visits with those closest to my heart. Yet, USUALLY I was not the one reaching out...You who came alongside KNOW WHO YOU ARE, and I WILL NEVER FORGET...
Doing artwork has also helped get me back to "life".
I gathered my works from the last month, and had to chuckle over what variety can spill out of a grieving, creative mind! From sensitive watercolors to irreverent tee shirt art!
The sketch above is a nice outcome from teaching a upside-down watercolor demo like what I used to do for mom.
It has been YEARS since I designed a tee shirt! The shirt below is an idea I had after recently taking my usual walk in the neighborhood, getting LOST, somehow, then making the mistake of sharing my confusion with a dear old pal who still makes fun of me for it!
Ah, what are friends for, if not to cry with you, laugh with you and laugh AT you!

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