Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Young Artist

G....All About the Blue__10 x 8 Watercolor Pencil__$150
He is the COOLEST kid in art class! Every teacher enjoys a student that contributes... "contributes" can mean a lot of things! In this case, it's all good, because this guy, G.B. makes 2nd period art a fun class. He is not too proud to ask a tough question or to model for the art teacher! AND, he was more than willing to pose with the artwork...though I couldn't get him to smile, and that's my favorite part about G....!
 I was teaching about highlights and shadows on mid-toned paper, and G volunteered to be my subject. My sketch is "all about the blue" light coming through our windows and creating the blue highlights on his face.
When this one sells, I promised my model that he gets half for his college fund, so, I hope someone will buy it for G....!
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