Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#79- Approaching the Storm-2

Approaching the Storm__6x8 oil on linen__for Passing America: The Great Plains __$590

I posted the immediate drive-by version of this canvas right after I did it. Compare the "before and after", and also note the differences in the quality of the photos...You artists out there know how hard it is to get good color on a photo of your paintings...the real painting is somewhere between the images...
Here is what I wrote about the storm we it in preparation for tomorrow's blog post with the LIGHTNING painting I did right after this one ...
" is another one from last week's trip thru the Texas Plains Trail....This was the only bad weather we had ...a huge storm before Coleman and Winters, TX. The sky was black and lightning was all around us. Do those brush strokes seem nervous? I painted this one and another one as we went through the storm. The strokes are even MORE nervous on the next painting...tomorrow!

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