Monday, September 12, 2011

Flames of Life

Flames of Life__A SPECIAL GICLEE REPRODUCTION for the benefit of a Texas fire victim___whatever size you want!

A number of my friends were affected by the recent Texas fires (ONGOING, by the way!...but not being mentioned by the news media...)

My dear friend, Linda has a business, Angel Mountain Events, that is on top of a little hill surrounded by pine trees. A beautiful place she has nurtured for years, making memories for people celebrating life's big events. She hung some of my paintings there, including a large painting of poppies...the center feature of her great room. Last week Angel Mountain burned to the ground...a TOTAL loss. (see photos below).

Linda is devastated, and as her friend, this has touched me deeply. When I am sad, I often paint, and this seems to help me process loss and move forward...even if it is just co-miserating with a friend....SO I PAINTED THE POPPIES ABOVE, and am offering PRINTS for sale, with the proceeds TOTALLY dedicated to helping with this tragedy.

The printer is Canvas Press, and Really Big Canvas, a company in Round Rock, Texas. They do BEAUTIFUL work, and have set up a way that you can order a print EASY!...They have discounted their price A LOT, just for this cause!...Together we are giving every penny of the profit to Angel Mountain...PLEASE pass along this link, to anyone looking for a great piece of art, a spot of color, or a blessing!
Printed on premium artist canvas or archival paper, you have many choices of size and ALL the prices are WAY BETTER than I could offer! PLEASE help, however you can!...The photos below are "before/after" shots of Angel Mountain...note that the only thing standing was that wall with the crosses...Life finds a way!...please pass this along!

Angel Mountain____before

...and after the fire in Bastrop Texas

The Angel Mountain Pavilion, and butterfly gardens___before

...and after the Bastrop fire.... the way, the original poppy painting is for the NEW Angel Mountain!

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