Monday, January 12, 2009

Grand Champion_student work

student art____The Balker____by Jerrod S.
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I could not be MORE PROUD of my student, Jerrod, who worked so hard on this painting. It is an oil painting on canvas, 16 x 12, and took top honors in this state wide competition. Jerrod was stunned, as it was his first EVER painting. He succeeded because he showed NO FEAR...often I was busy helping other students, so he plodded along bravely by himself...and took my advice on the few adjustments I suggested.
The best advice? "Get rid of that BLACK ROAD in the background!"
He did!
Note: The darkest thing should be on the focal point, not something in the distance...
...right Jerrod?
THIS PAINTING will be auctioned, with 14 others on March 27 at the Bob Bullock State History Museum in Austin. A FABULOUS venue and important event for Jerrod and two other of my students who placed 5th and 9th. ..Our school, Round Rock Christian Academy was the smallest school entering works, and took 3 of the 15 auction places...good job, kiddos!!!


A Painter's Journal said...

Congratulations to your students V!
They will miss you greatly I am sure. You have been such a wonderful mentor to them all.

Art with Liz said...

Well done to you and your students. Nothing sweeter than seeing one of your proteges succeeding!

VickiRossArt said...

How lucky your students are to have a teacher who beams with excitement over their accomplishments! AND a very nice painting!