Wednesday, January 14, 2009


12 x 6__oil on linen, nicely framed__contact Act I Gallery in Taos, NM
. The theme is CHAIRS. The reception is this Saturday, January 17 at Act I Gallery in Taos, NM. If you are nearby, go and meet Anita and Dory and take a look at what all the gallery artists painted based on the CHAIRS theme. Here is one I shipped tonight, so Anita will have it by is my favorite kind of chair, at the slopes! "Single" is the fastest way to the top, because you can get in line and hop on with other skiers. Even when skiing with my kids we all line up in the single line, to get there faster. Sometimes you get to ride alone, like the skier in my painting. We skied a few weeks ago at Wolf Creek and this "Chair" idea came to me then. I used my son's short ski blades to save rental money and because I'd never tried the shorties before. My first ride up had me sharing the lift with a couple of big heavy men. I was not sure how I would do, getting off the lift at the top, so I decided to let them get off first and I would go right behind them. When they got off, the chair bounced up (with the absence of their weight) and those short skis never touched the ground, so I had to jump...not pretty....This painting captures a calmer moment on the slopes!


VickiRossArt said...

Ahhh, the sound of the snow falling, the crunch of the snow, the crisp not-so-cold to breath air...I remember! My funny chair story was when I was with a friend (scared to death) and her daughter (a boarder). I sat in the middle to calm Deb. Was so concerned about her, I forgot about me. Deb got off fine, I tripped, fell, the chair went over me and I got hit with the board. Lesson? look out for yourself unless you are an instructor!

Great painting, BTW

A Painter's Journal said...

I too have one of these stories. Only been skiing once in my life. It was enough! I fell off the chair at the top and they had to stop the lift to get me out of the way.
So fun.
THIS is gorgeous V! Its such a great composition and the colors are amazing.