Friday, January 16, 2009

Remember Parker

"Remember Parker"___9 x 12____pencil on archival paper___gift to John, Betty and Jennifer
When we moved off the farm, it was to a nice neighborhood in Round Rock, TX. We were so worried that we'd embarrass ourselves, never having lived in a neighborhood before! So we tried hard to be good neighbors, and we got really lucky! Somehow we picked the BEST neighbors! John was always out walking his dog, Parker, and Parker became a friend to our cats, and soon recognized us, too! WHAT A SWEET dog! ...we were so sad when John and Betty moved...before we really got to know them. We are staying in touch , though. While skiing recently, I got a tragic e-mail from John, saying that Parker had gotten hit by a car. I really grieve with John and Betty...Parker was a special friend....this drawing is for my new friends....

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Art with Liz said...

Hi V. I have a special love for dogs and it's always so sad when you hear of one that looks so happy, being knocked down like that. This drawing is lovely and I'm sure Parker's owners will give it pride of place. I know I would.