Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Papoose in Light

"Papoose in Light"___12 x 9 watercolor lesson________$150 to the first who wants it!
Compare with the sepia version of this one I posted yesterday . Isn't light great? In light we have ALL the variety of color. There is a nice moodiness to sepia and shadow and tonalism, but I come alive with light! Light and LIFE go together! Teaching this (a vertical demo, of course) was a thrill. I could see the "lights" go on in my students' thinking!...Speaking of teaching. I have PLENTY of workshops of all shapes and sizes coming in the next few months. Time to shake the stiffness out of those brushes and try some impressionism with me! Here are some dates and places. Click for schedule details.

Feb, 7 Rockport, TX (1 day)
Feb. 21 Calvert, TX (1 day)
Mar. 7 Rockport, TX (1 day)
Apr. 18 Rockport, TX (1 day)
April 6 - 9 Granbury, TX (4 day - comprehensive)
April 27 - 30 Gadsden, ALABAMA (4 day - comprehensive)
May 30 DeSoto Art League, TX (1 day)
June 5-7, Fredericksburg, TX (Painting Fast -special 3 day focus)
Fall in New Orleans

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