Monday, May 18, 2009

Picacho Today and Yesterday

"Picacho Clearing" 8X10 Oil on linen panel___see my 10 year old version below!!!
Picacho Peak rises alongside I40 between Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. I painted this one in the car last year on the way to Prescott, a trip I will take tomorrow! I decided to spiff up the painting for the Phippen Show (changed the sky a little), and THEN>>>>
I came upon this drawing, below, which I drew with a ballpoint pen on school paper! I REMEMBER drawing this in the car when I was 10 years old!!!
We traveled this way alot when I was a kid, on the way from Texas to California to visit family. Even as a youngster, I LOVED to draw western things, and I constantly drew in the car. I LOVED road trips then, and I love them, now. ...after posting these side by side, I am amazed how OBVIOUS it is that the painting was done from one direction, and the drawing from another....I REMEMBER drawing this in the back seat, looking out the window on the right, whereas last year, my painting was done looking out the window on the left!
I scanned a bunch of these early drawings, and will share them in the upcoming days> If you can, come see my new works at the Phippen Show in Prescott, or sign up for the workshop in Fredericksburg, June 5 - 7. Sorry, but the Waxahachie workshop filled up real fast (so I have not talked about it much)...
Picacho Drive-By____by Virginia Pedro, age 10

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Art with Liz said...

Talent will out - even at 10 years old! Love 'Spreading Out' - those cows are amazing and such a peaceful painting.