Monday, December 10, 2012

#5_Turkey Trio

Birdseed Project #5
Turkey Trio___6x8 oil ___$190 includes shipping
Here is a young turkey with a few pals gobbling in the background. Wild turkeys are all over my area of central Texas....these actually FLEW away after I photographed them...not a graceful sight!  :)
I have received the first "seed money" for my little bird seed project...something I am doing during these cold weeks, to keep the feeders full at my mom's nursing home! During these weeks where I will post bird paintings and sketches, I am putting over 10% into a fund to supply feed for the birds...the old people LOVE to watch the birds!...Later in the week I will Actually purchase the first bags of seed...I will post pictures then and give a few more details about this place...several of you have asked how you might give...I will get info on that, too ....Any more ideas for a name for my project? I have gotten some great ideas!
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