Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#6- Egret Fisherman

Egret Fisherman__6x8 oil__$190 includes shipping
Birdseed Project #6
These Great Egrets stroll the marshy edges and have their meals! Of course I don't need to buy seed for them!  At LEAST 10 % of this purchase price will go into the bird seed fund, and I hope it starts the ball rolling on approaching some local businesses to also donate seed. I find that there are many funds "for the children"...but not many for the greatest generation...Here is a little story about Dan:
Dan visits his wife Jan every day. She lives in my mom's nursing home. Dan has spotted me filling the bird feeders and several times he asked me to scatter some seed on the ground for the birds who prefer to feed there...I did this a few times, then realized that my mom, in her wheelchair cannot see the low-birds. Dan knew this and started handing me a $5 bill every few weeks "to cover some seed for the low-birds"...
THIS is the story that sparked my seed project, and inviting YOU to join!
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