Monday, December 03, 2012

#1-Bug for Breakfast

Bug for Breakfast__Texas Mockingbird___8x6 oil on linen__$190...includes shipping
Today I begin to share a little project very near to my heart! For the past few occupy my grumbling self while fuming over my lost hard drive, I began to paint little birds!...In all my travels, I have scores of great photos of all kinds of birds. Birds seem to be a constant from place to place. I have enjoyed them in the mountains and marshes, in the desert and coastal areas...but the birds that I am doing this project for are birds that bring LIFE and amusement to the friends I have made at my mom's nursing home!... I will tell more about this as I move through the "Bird Show" over the next month or so...but FIRST I want you to know that at least 10% of the price for each one sold will be used to buy seed for the feeders at the nursing home....these little birds have become spoiled and, well, they are morphing into pigs!...Maybe I will paint the "pig-birds" one day...but for now, please tell your friends to look in, and consider purchasing a little gem...The first one, here, is our beloved Texas Mocking Bird enjoying a bug for breakfast... 
I need suggestions to name this project!

Consider a fine art print for Christmas! 
or ask Santa for the adventure of a lifetime
A Painting Holiday in New Zealand March 3-9, 2015

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Lynn Benoit said...

What a lovely bird!